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Michael is the founder of Leading Strategies, a change management and executive coaching firm. Mike wrote and published the book, "Expected End: What Culture Is, Why It Matters, and How to Improve It."

Ask Great Questions


One key to become a highly effective leader is learning to think deeply about personal, team, and organizational mindsets. These mental maps drive behavior at all levels and leaders are very interested in cultural patterns shaped by people interactions. Paradigm hunting in turn requires asking great questions, so here are four suggestions on how to » Read More


Leadership Lessons From an American Revolution General


  I just finished a book titled, “Henry Knox, Visionary General of the American Revolution.” (Puls, 2008) If you will allow, here are a few leadership lessons drawn from the read. Be Curious Henry Knox began his education at the esteemed Boston Latin Grammar School founded by Harvard College. (Alumni included Benjamin Franklin and Sam » Read More


Top 3 Change Management Mistakes


Change is a healthy part of any enterprise intent on thriving long-term. Failure to adapt eventually means irrelevance, regardless of the organization. Here are two definitions to start. Mistakes in technique – With any change management effort, plan on mistakes in technique. This is the ‘how’ of change, the specific methods and experiments to move » Read More

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