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Mike Myatt, is a Top CEO Coach, author of “Leadership Matters…The CEO Survival Manual” and is the Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at N2growth.

Family Matters

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This is a re-print of Mike’s last post of 2010 on N2Growth.com. Success is only another form of failure if we forget what our priorities are. Harry Lloyd Over the years I’ve come to believe that there is only one sure fire litmus test for measuring leadership success, and to the chagrin of many reading » Read More


Thought Leaders Usually Aren’t

Two ducks in the winter

Every now and then I read an article by so-called “thought leaders” that just leaves me wondering “do people really believe this stuff when they write it, or are they just so busy cranking out new content for the marketing engine that they feel as if they can pull one over on us?” The attempts » Read More


Dealing with Corporate Crazies

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Do your workplace communications ever feel as if you’re spending most of your time attempting to assuage the concerns of the irrational? Over the years I’ve simply come to the conclusion that many otherwise savvy business people have yet to grasp – you can’t argue with crazy. We’ve all heard the saying “pick your battles,” and » Read More


The Benefit of Dissenting Opinion


I love vigorous debate, generally have an open mind, and actually enjoy having my thoughts and opinions challenged. If everyone always agreed with me conversation wouldn’t be very stimulating, and acquiring new knowledge and insight would certainly be more difficult. That said, I only really have the patience for intellectually honest discourse. I don’t care in the slightest about » Read More


Defending Leadership


Note: This post was originally posted as “What If Leadership Was More Than A Buzzword?” on my N2Growth blog in July of 2010.  The question is still valid. What if “Leadership” was more than a buzzword? What If…What if leadership was more than just another contentious term bantered around in meaningless conversations? What if leadership was truly understood, » Read More


Leadership Advisors


Note: This post originally appeared on the N2Growth blog May 18 with the title The Leadership Vacuum, but we need to keep the dialogue going. The biggest problem with the leadership industry is found within the ranks of those who call themselves leadership advisors. There is nothing short of a voluminous amount of leadership information being » Read More

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