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Michelle Braden is the CEO of MSBCoach, an ICF certified business. Michelle is an ICF certified coach and received her Advanced Human Behavior Certification and Wellness Coaching certification from the Leadership Institute of America. She is an advanced certified associate of Emergenetics, Int. and advanced trainer for DiSC. Michelle has worked with notables from Morgan Keegan, Capital One, Wells Fargo, the University of Virginia, The National Rheumatology Association, General Dynamics, LexisNexis, and the City of Charlottesville. Prior to founding MSBCoach, Michelle was a teacher, school administrator and served in executive leadership with Robert Half International and Retirement Unlimited Incorporated. She has written two leadership training manuals for The Church of God International and is a freelance writer for Thought Leaders Blog, Lead Change Blog, Leadership Courseware Blog, The Business Networker, and Forward/Adelante magazine. She also serves as adjunct faculty at PVCC.Joann Auger, Executive Coach and Trainer, MSBCoach. JoAnn Auger serves as a trainer with MSBCoach. Much of JoAnn’s experience and expertise comes from her time as a Leadership Development Analyst and Coach for the largest auto insurer in the US. JoAnn incorporates more than 30 years of business and personal experience to help organizations and individuals identify and close gaps in performance and needed results. She does that by helping leaders maximize their own potential and then teaches that leader how to tap into and leverage the potential of their employees.

Six Ways To Make Your Words More Meaningful


JoAnn Auger, MSBCoach Executive Coach & Trainer This weekend I watched the movie, “Anonymous,” a primarily fictionalized theory about the authenticity of William Shakespeare’s work.  I’m not writing a review nor a recommendation for the movie. I’m writing because of a couple of lines that caught my attention. These lines were: “….words will prevail” and ”it » Read More


Leadership Autopilot

Winding Road

Three years ago I moved to a new city. It was not until four weeks ago I realized that I don’t know my way around my city very well. The reason is simple and a little embarrassing. It is all due to my good friend named Garmin. For directionally challenged people (such as me) Garmin is a lifesaver; however, it can also create great challenges: mentally checking out while you are driving for one. You’re driving along and Garmin says, “turn right here,” then “turn left there,” and before you know it… “arriving at destination”. You have no idea where you even are or how you go there, but voila!, Garmin says, “you have arrived”.

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