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Integrated marketing, PR and social media pro. Trying to lead my family and my clients effectively and for the greater good. I believe in leading from wherever you are planted and in sharing what I know. Mandy owns Crossroads Communications and blogs at http://MandyVavrinak.com

Why Your Team Building Exercise Won’t Build a Team

Team Just For A Day?

“We teach what we know; we attract what we are.” Those 10 words from Seth Godin at the Chick-fil-A Leadercast 2011 seem simple enough. Maybe… but I think that like much of what Seth says, there’s more to it than first appears. If you look at that statement through a traditional leadership lens, you might » Read More


Of Mixing Bowls, Feeding Souls and Seeking Recognition

Of Mixing Bowls | Lead Change Group

I saw this post a few days ago that asked the question, “Do You Really Want Your Child to be a Leader?” and posited that what most parents are thinking about when they answer, “Yes, of course!” is not really leadership at all. From the post: The truth is that while leadership can often be » Read More


Small Moments

Single moments make up the legacy of our leadership

After being on my own as a small business person for seven years, I recently contracted with a smart, talented young woman to assist me with day-to-day tasks, graphic projects and schedule management. The decision was not an easy one… I tend to be a private person and I need a certain amount of “mental » Read More


Leading Alone

How do you lead when you’re a solopreneur or a *very* small businessperson? My business, Crossroads Communications, is primarily myself and my husband. While we work with a network of partners and trusted providers for some projects, on a daily basis we have no employees, no co-workers… it’s just us. And since I spend a » Read More

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