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Kaity Nakagoshi is a Floridian by birth, but a snow bunny at heart. She works for the University Alliance, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame’s online certificate program. Her role in the marketing department has allowed her to express herself as a writer, gain useful knowledge, and expand her professional network. Connect with Kaity on her Lead Change Profile, or LinkedIn or Twitter (@Kaity_fl)

The Best Leaders Can Manage and the Best Managers Can Lead

success leadership and management

Though leadership and management are not interchangeable terms, the terms can be put together productively. Does a great leader equate to a great manager? What actually makes these two terms different? Let’s think about the daily lives of leaders and managers and also compare those who are role models with those who are not. While » Read More


Reasons to Embrace Business Process Management

solutions business process

There is no question that in today’s volatile economy, extreme business-cycle fluctuations can occur often. With proper business process management implementation, you’ll have the ability to manage an array of business changes that constantly transpire.  Without proper BPM training, understanding the key components that make workflow management successful can be daunting. Some of the most » Read More


Fear Factor is a Game for Great Leaders

Fear Factor is a Game for Great Leaders | Lead Change Group

Whether you’re male or female, big or small, young or old, it is almost guaranteed that you’re afraid of something. In fact, you probably wouldn’t admit to some of your fears and may not even be aware of others.  Spiders, cockroaches, snakes, sharks, heights, the dark, small spaces, clowns, the boogeyman, ghosts – just a » Read More

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