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Kristina is the Head Writer at Your Effective Leadership in the Phillipines. You can connect with Kristina on her website, or on LinkedIn.

The Leader and the Boss

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Are you a leader? Or a boss? Do you know the difference between the leader and the boss? In this article, you will be able to differentiate between the two and distinguish if you are a leader or you are acting as a boss.  Leader, the role of the leader is to lead the people. » Read More


Toxic Leadership

Dead Line Pressure Boss Target

What is it? Toxic leadership is brought about by lack of self-awareness, lack of self-control and confidence, all of which are seeded by self-interest. As a result, a toxic leader’s subordinates don’t like him or her. Toxic leaders care all about themselves. They only think of their own feelings and disregard those of others. Somehow, toxic » Read More

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