Even though many of us train and develop people, we are a community of learners first.  Connect with others in order to find ways to add value.  You only create value when you add it.  You never create it by taking it away.  That’s why this is a collaborative community.

What are the benefits of membership?

As a premium member and instigator, you be part of a strong, vibrant community of leaders who are committed to the growth and success of the entire group.

Premium members can form and moderate groups, host webinars, participate in discussions and receive discounts on local activities. Many of the premium members are involved in leading a local leadership development community. Partners also have the ability to share other leadership content they develop or find elsewhere on the web.

Some concrete benefits of membership include:

  • Access to forums on the LeadChange website
  • The ability to share your blog posts on the LeadChange blog
  • The option to join monthly calls about the development of the Leadchange movement
  • Options for sharing information about your business in our newsletter, on our blog, and more

Why a monthly charge?

We want to provide an environment, not content. We’ve kept the charge low so that people can participate. But it’s not free because we don’t think it will help to have hundreds of members who never contribute. We believe in the intrinsic benefit of giving. This charge helps cover the cost of maintaining the environment, moderating the blog and group discussions and encouraging participation and growth. Check it out! the first month is free too!
In the future, we plan to offer group discounts and scholarships when warranted. Contact us to discuss your situation if $24 per month is a problem.

Where do I sign up?

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