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The Lead Change Group is a global, virtual community where our members share inspiring content with an audience of thousands and learn from some of the top voices in the leadership and development sphere. We are a movement that encourages, energizes and equips one another to leading change – in ourselves, in others, and in our communities.

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As part of the Lead Change Group, you can develop and test out your ideas to an existing audience of professionals hungry to learn from your experiences. Write for our widely-read blog, participate in our social media channels, meet each other on our quarterly calls, and establish yourself as part of a vibrant, growing, and supportive Leadership community.

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The Lead Change Group is supported by some of the top voices in leadership and talent management. We are thrilled to partner with these top-tier individuals to present the freshest ideas in leadership development to a world-wide audience. Interested in sponsoring the Lead Change Group? Learn how you can leverage our network to support yours.

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They were children of the depression!  My parents worried that the late 1920 and ‘30’s would return.  So, my siblings and I got docked our »
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Are you selfish? What was your answer? You said no, didn’t you? Nobody wants to be known as the selfish one. Nobody wants a reputation as a taker »
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A Receptivity to Change Scale Ellen R. Auster and Trish Ruebottom created a scale that categorizes individuals in an organization according to their »

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