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Founded by Mike Henry Sr. in 2009, the Lead Change Group is now a division of Weaving Influence. Becky Robinson & her team are excited to continue the movement Mike ignited, mobilizing this community of thought leaders.

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Join us to make a positive difference. In this community, you'll find resources and support to share your thoughts online while growing your influence as a leader. Sign up today to multiply your leadership impact through the Lead Change Group.

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Every day, our thought leaders share insights, wisdom, and tips to help you grow as a leader and make a positive difference where you are. We want to be your best source of leadership content, mobilizing you to share inspiration with others.

Recent Articles

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I am part of a group which volunteers at a local women’s prison to support their running program. The volunteer arrangement started with a few »
by  John Smith  |  Leadership Development
I have noticed a discussion popping up lately. I most recently noticed this while reading the preface to Flying Without A Helicopter, the new book by »
by  David Greer  |  Books
I have a vision. I want to help 100,000 entrepreneurs step into their single biggest challenge by December 31, 2017. What lets me come up with such a »

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