Lead Change Group is a 501(c)(3) non profit applying character-based leadership to help one another make a positive difference.

Community of Peers

You don’t have to volunteer to follow in order to learn about leadership. Rather than position ourselves as experts teaching you to listen to what we say, we invite you to join the community. We’re passionate about leadership.  We know all leadership development is self development. We’re learning just like you are.  But rather than sitting and soaking, we’re taking action.  We help one another make a difference by applying the principles of people-focused, character-based leadership.  Besides, you always learn better by doing.  Hopefully we can help one another avoid the pain and error that comes with trial-and-error.

In the end, all leadership development is self development. Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner


Character-based leadership is leadership that emanates from who you are.  If your character is selfish or small-minded, no one will bestow much authority and influence on you.  They will respect your position, but not you.  However, if you look out for others, learn to develop competence, humility, respect, resilience, transparency and service, people will respect you and allow you to influence them.  They won’t become your follower (as a person), but they will volunteer for the role, cooperating and contributing to your success and your team’s success.  We believe in developing skills that inspire others to grant authority.  The best leaders earn their influence and authority from their team rather than having it bestowed as a mater of position.

Collaborative Environment

Even though many of us train and develop people, we are a community of learners first.  Connect with others in order to find ways to add value.  You only create value when you add it.  You never create it by taking it away.  That’s why this is a collaborative community.  Our groups are moderated by members who have a passion for the topic.  No passion, no group.  Want to take up an issue? Drop a line and we’ll get you setup.  Just remember your group should promote and energize others in the application of character-based leadership.

365 Day Un-Conference

In an unconference, the agenda is set by the participants.  Here at the Lead Change Group, you can choose to join a group based on an area of leadership, or a geographical region or you might have a topic of your own.  We want to encourage people to connect, collaborate, grow their leadership, and go make a difference. Results are key; methods are optional!

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