Chery Gegelman

President, Giana Consulting LLC

Articles By Chery Gegelman
Chery was once a frustrated visionary that learned how to instigate and lead system-wide change from the middle and the edge of organizations.

Today she is the president of Giana Consulting LLC, she speaks and consults with people and organizations that are learning to lead through change to growth.

One of the ways that she embraces change and growth, is by living across the world from her comfort zone, as an expat in a country that is nothing like her U.S. home.

Chery is convinced that:  

  1. Most of the answers organizations are seeking today are lying dormant inside of their employees, their customers and their suppliers just waiting to be discovered and unleashed.
  2. Each one of us is capable of making an extraordinary difference regardless of what our title is.
  3. Anyone with a leadership or management title has a great responsibility to listen, to model the behavior they would like to see, and to serve those they employ.

She works with:  Front line employees, mid-level leaders, and executives in Automotive Groups, Community Colleges, Career Schools, Large Non- Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, Staffing Services, Insurance Companies and other Consulting Companies both nationally and internationally.

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