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Managing Partner, SkillSource

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I’m a wife, mother, big sister, life-long resident of the American Midwest, keen observer of workplace dynamics, psychology geek, perpetual writer, and avid veggie gardener.

Someone once said I was a cultivator of leaders; the moniker sort of “grew” on me. Did I mention I’m a sucker for puns? Through my writing and digital training materials, I help business professionals better lead themselves and others so they can achieve greater career success.

Professionally, I hold a degree in Psychology and have a background in Human Resources and Training & Development. As a corporate trainer-turned writer, I’ve co-authored two books and am a columnist for The Huffington Post and SmartBlog on Leadership.

Want to know more? Check out my award-winning site The People Equation, which I founded in 2009. You can also follow me on LinkedIn and sign up for my quarterly e-newsletter offering tips for the savvy workplace professional.

Let’s go plant something and see what blooms…


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