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Work-Life Balance for a New Generation

staring at phone

In the age of “work-life balance,” we’re trained to segment our attention, with the goal of being engaged with our professional and personal lives in equal measure.  Among the many benefits of this approach is that we learn to be fully aware of our surroundings, both at home and at the office.  But there is » Read More


Finding balance in building

finding balance in building

Many leaders fall into the quicksand of believing they can fix what’s wrong with other people. Some are motivated by a sincere desire to help people be their best. Other leaders have an ego-driven I can fix’em mentality. They’re motivated by an internal desire to be known as the hero who saves the day. The » Read More


Leadership Perspectives: What Is Your Intention?


What does it mean to be a character-based leader? Isn’t that a deep and probing question? There are so many avenues we could take in this conversation, and The Lead Change Group has done that in their new book, The Character Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution….One Person at a Time, written by 21 authors » Read More


Are You a Healthy Leader?


I’ve noticed as I creep more into my forties that life feels a lot different than in was in my twenties.  For some aspects, I’m wildly cheering.  I’m so grateful for each year of learning and experiences.  Other aspects of aging aren’t quite as fun.  Recovery (from anything) takes longer, metabolism becomes slower, young children » Read More


Looking Back and Looking Ahead


As we move closer to the holidays, I find myself reflecting about the places I’ve been this year — both literally and figuratively: people I’ve met, lessons I’ve learned, choices and challenges. I also find myself thinking about where I want to go next year, as well: in the new business I’m building, in my » Read More


Sustainable Leadership vs. Effective Leadership

Sustainable Leadership vs. Effective Leadership | Lead Change Group

A while back, I wrote a post titled Good Leadership vs. Effective Leadership about the difference between a good leader and an effective leader.  The premise of that post was that an effective leader was one who got others to do what that leader wanted.  A good leader was one who got others to achieve » Read More


Becoming a Character Based Leader

Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial

Character Based Leadership is the conscious choice to be an Ambassador – To place the greater good, the purpose of the organization and the needs of others above your own desires. It starts with a decision to lead with integrity, the understanding that everything you do is observed and evaluated by others as either authentic » Read More


A Balanced Life – Does It Make For a Better Leader?

work life balance

A few weeks ago, one of my clients – a business owner, parent (of four) and wife – sent me an email crying out for help in dealing with the overwhelm enveloping her from all directions.  There is NO balance in her life, and she is desperate for the breathing room that a balanced life » Read More


Family Matters

baby holding mothers finger

This is a re-print of Mike’s last post of 2010 on N2Growth.com. Success is only another form of failure if we forget what our priorities are. Harry Lloyd Over the years I’ve come to believe that there is only one sure fire litmus test for measuring leadership success, and to the chagrin of many reading » Read More


There’s no crying in leadership


I recently had a discussion around what was considered appropriate and inappropriate in leadership. There were a number of things brought up and most were simple enough, but one topic emerged that truly bothered me. It was the subject of crying in leadership. The suggestion was made that it was inappropriate to cry if you’re » Read More

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