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I Don’t “Have it All” – Yeah!

balance 2

After some tweet and email discussions with Anne Marie Slaughter and Cali Williams Yost about Anne Marie’sarticle on The Atlantic, and the uproar about Marissa Mayer becoming Yahoo’s CEO while she is pregnant, I decided to weigh in.  Finally, we are having an honest discussion of “having it all” instead of perpetuating a fairly tale.  While this has mainly been » Read More


Compensation and Class Warfare

Black limousine in Hong Kong

I recently interacted with someone on Google+ related to a post showing “average CEO pay in the US” compared to other nations.  It stated flatly that the pay was 475 times the pay of the average worker.  So I questioned the source. The source is a blog called Payscale.com and another he cited was the » Read More


Introverts, CEOs, and Leadership

Today on Smartblog on Leadership, Lisa Petrilli shared a post about three key challenges to overcome if you’re an introvert in a new CEO Role.  The first is to is a subtle shift in how and who you motivate.  Check out the great post here.  Also, you can see all the Smartblog original posts contributed » Read More

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