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Leadership Means No More Silver Bullets

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Over the past 20+ years I have witnessed a repeated and troubling pattern that occurs far too frequently.  The recurring pattern I’m referring to is when organizations choose to settle for a “silver bullet” solution.  With the hope of quickly getting rid of a problem, many organizations are blindly adopting a “cookie-cutter” approach without asking » Read More


Be Careful How You Ask Questions


In a workshop one time, I was speaking with participants about communication strategies to resolve conflicts between team members.  I shared with them that a genuine sense of curiosity about the other person’s perspective often goes a long way towards resolution, and that this sense of curiosity often reveals itself by the questions we ask » Read More


Light from dark nights of introspection


Those dark nights of introspection are so wrenching, yet so filled with growth. Whether the amount of time involved is prophetic or not, I can’t say.  What I do know is that I’ve spent the last 40 days or so in a reflective place, spurred by someone who brought the lights down and released by » Read More

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