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Leadership Perspectives: The Continuum of Tolerance


Yesterday I read a wonderful blog on the Lead Change Group’s website, written by Deborah Costello, entitledDiscriminating Leadership.  In her blog she states: “The cure for discrimination is not apathy. “I don’t care. Whatever.” can’t be the response to personal revelation. Instead we must reply in ways that lift up and demonstrate understanding. Maybe our answer » Read More


10 Management Lessons from Harry Potter


To conclude this summer’s Harry Potter mania, it seems fitting to study the HR implications of J.K. Rowling’s seven volumes. Her novels explore human nature, communication dynamics, moral dilemmas, and social issues, so why not use them as a source of business inspiration?


You Throw Like A Girl


This post originally appeared on LeadSwag and is reprinted here as part of the Lead Change Best of Blogs series. How many of us have heard this? How many of us have said this? I remember being about eight years old and having a kid yell this at me on the playground. I remember thinking, » Read More

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