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5 Reasons Leaders Should Read Judgment Calls

Judgment Calls

If your organization is mired in a command-and-control hierarchy, Judgment Calls:  Twelve Stories of Big Decisions and the Teams that Got Them Right, a new book by Thomas H. Davenport and Brook Manville isn’t for you. However, if you and/or your organization are self-aware and want to tap into the power of effective organizational decision-making, there’s much to learn » Read More


Smarter Workplaces: Why High Achievers Flounder

High Achievers | Lead Change Group

Many high performers would rather do the wrong things well than do the right thing poorly. Thomas J. DeLong and Sara DeLong, “The Paradox of Excellence,” Harvard Business Review, June 2011 Leaders are often high achievers who continually grow as professionals. But in many organizations, there are high achievers who are floundering. They’re smart, ambitious » Read More


The Power of Your Word


Barry wasn’t happy that his boss put him through the 360 evaluation process. He was even unhappier after receiving the feedback. In fact, he was shocked, angry and disbelieving. There was no way he was unethical, thoughtless or lacking in credibility and integrity. In following the trail of bread crumbs to the root cause of » Read More


Gender, Leadership, & CSV

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If you haven’t read the Harvard Business Review this month, you should.  Why?  Here are just three of the articles highlighting research that will rock, push, disturb, and ultimately change the way we do business: “How Women End Up On the “Glass Cliff,” by Susanne Bruckmüller and Nyla R. Branscombe.  They report that people prefer » Read More

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