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A humblebrag isn’t the answer

humblebrags aren't the answer

Many individuals, especially women, struggle with achieving equilibrium between confidence and humility—another one of those life, love and leadership challenges of getting it just right by avoiding too much or too little of the extremes. Self-promotion advice I recently read in a leadership enews post zoomed right past confidence and into hubris. It’s a busy, » Read More


3 genie bottle wishes for curmudgeons

shake the world

What do you do when someone disagrees with your opinion? Do you: a)  Ignore it b)  Dig in and aggressively defend your position c)  Work the difference through to respectful closure d)  Amicably agree to disagree e)  Go on the attack I hope the majority of readers selected (c) or (d). But if you selected » Read More


Humility: The 5th Sense of Character-based Leadership


I wrote a post published on Smartblog on Leadership about the 4 senses of character-based leadership and shared it with both the Lead Change and the Linked2Leadership communities. Over on the Linked2Leadership group page on LinkedIn, Bjorn Nilsen commented: “…the key sense that needs to be added to the list is ‘sense of one’s self’. » Read More


Are Good Delegators Just Lazy?


Delegate Everything Once upon a time I learned something about delegation that I liked. I read it in a book or heard it at a seminar. I don’t remember exactly where or the exact words used.  But I do remember the general idea. Keep what only you can do. Delegate everything else.  That was freeing » Read More


32 Pivotal Leadership Gifts to Improve Performance and Productivity

Gift box

Tis the Season In a recent survey, 65% of Americans said they would choose a better boss before a raise in pay. I venture to guess that the teams these folks work in could be far more productive. If you’re reading this, you’re already on your way to improving that statistic. Can you find another » Read More


Gratitude for Weakness

Gratitude for Weakness | Lead Change Group

You hear a lot about strengths. I’m a huge fan of the whole focus on strengths led by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton in their book, Now Discover Your Strengths and followed by Tom Rath and the Gallup folks with their books Strengthsfinder 2.0 and Strengths Based Leadership (by Rath with Barry Conchie). Before » Read More


8 Reasons Why Pride Is The Core Of Leadership Failure


Craig looked intently at his staff. Every Monday morning staff meeting was intense.  Craig expected results and he held everyone accountable.  Not necessarily himself. No one talked, they just listened. Craig was on a rant.  This was typical, he had a pretty big ego and drew a line in the sand quite often. This line, » Read More


Dan Rockwell: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview


Check out this great interview with Dan Rockwell: Chapter Title:  “Leading Your Way Into Humility” Dan Rockwell Blogger, Leadership Freak Dan Rockwell believes we are what were when we were in our early teens. That makes him a farm boy from Maine, even though he’s been in central Pennsylvania for twenty-five years. He’s been leading » Read More


Protect Your Leadership from 5 Temptations with a Sandwich


  I have a friend that loves football.  He is not super passionate about leadership, and is not a person of faith.  However, he is fascinated with Tim Tebow and convinced that Tim is the real deal! I am passionate about leadership and about my Christian faith but I’m not a huge football fan.  So when » Read More


S. Max Brown: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview


Check out this great interview with Author, S. Max Brown Chapter Title:  “The Real Power of Humility” S. Max Brown Vice President, Leadership Initiatives, Rideau Recognition Solutions In the last ten years, Max Brown has made over one thousand presentations in locations all around the world. He’s taken clients rappelling off the Great Wall of » Read More

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