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Lead Like an Olympian

Go for the Gold

The London 2012 Olympics are coming to a close.  As I reflect on the thrills and exceptional performances, it started me wondering how the road to the Olympics parallels our own leadership journeys. Embody the Mindset If you have been following the 2012 games at all you have no doubt noticed Oscar Pistorius of South » Read More


The Purpose of Rules and Principles


There is something we can all learn from this as we think about the rules we put in place, whether it is to maintain order amidst the potential for chaos, to right a wrong, to protect people from harm, or to simply try to ensure there is fairness to all involved. Rules can of course » Read More


You – The Champion! 7 Ways to Maximize Your Olympic Gifts


The past week’s Olympics production got me thinking.  Mainly about the dedication, strength, determination and stamina exhibited by the athletes (and on a side note, how I’d like to visit London again at some point in the future). Now I wasn’t necessarily excited about watching the games, but found myself with some downtime and tuned » Read More

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