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Irrevocable Principle

I read a great post today by Seth Godin titled Bullying is theft. Seth is a great and prolific writer and he used a term that I want to explore: irrevocable principle. His point was if we want to eliminate bullying in an organization, we need to treat the problem like what it is, theft. » Read More


Overcome Leadership Challenges

Overcome Obstacle

As a leader how and what do you do to maintain resiliency in leadership?  By resiliency, I mean, recover speedily from problems and maintain elasticity, bend, stretch and not break during challenging situations.  All organizations encounter challenges, issues and difficulties everyday including financial shortfalls, downsizing, increased workloads, and succession issues. These challenges force the organization » Read More


Employee engagement: a three-legged stool


Many authors have written about people management, project management or corporate culture as separate topics. But a new book by Ben Snyder ties together all three subjects and paints a clear picture of how they interact to nurture (or damage) employee engagement and organizational performance. Read this review, find the book and set fire to the status quo.

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