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3 dueling paradoxes leaders embrace

doiung the right thing

If you knew a replacement part would add an extra 90¢ in costs and yield only a dime in warranty savings, would you authorize use of the more expensive part? Probably not. Managers would crunch the business case and find the spending increase unjustified. But suppose you knew the additional cost would prevent costly accidents » Read More


Leadership Isn’t a Specialty Area


Years ago I handled labor relations in a meat processing facility where every employee had a singular function. Someone ran the slicer, someone else the grinder, etc. Everyone knew and accepted the very narrow parameters imposed on their job duties. An exchange with a client this morning prompted my walk down meat packing memory lane. » Read More


Posing, Posturing or Pretending – It’s Not Leadership


Last week, my colleague, Jennifer V Miller asked us to contemplate this thought from Tom DeMarko: “Leadership needs to be distinguished from posturing.” Posture, posing, pretending – whatever you call it, not only does it not look good, but it can create

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