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The Day I Got Schooled on Respect. Again.

Confident Professor at Blackboard

Apparently the number of lessons to learn about respect is limitless.  See example below. Recently I was invited to a workshop I was not interested in.  An acquaintance sent me a personal note inviting me.  She also mentioned a project we had worked on together.  I felt compelled to respond, to relive old times about » Read More


Raising Kids or Raising Parents?

Photo by: Xuesong Liao

In honor of Father’s Day coming up, I thought I would share a little bit about my experience as a father. The three most important things I have learned are:   “If you want your relationship with your kids to works always make sure that: They experience unconditional love, There is mutual respect in the » Read More


Are You a Spoilsport or a Spirit Booster?


When your employees offer ideas, your response can make or break your organization. You don’t have time for everything. There’s a lot at stake right now, and your boss is breathing down your neck. Your employee raises an idea in the staff meeting. You tried that idea once before. Five years ago. It was a dismal » Read More


Going First But Eating Last – A Leader’s Code

going first eating last

There are certain qualities which are common to nearly all business leaders in senior corporate positions; a strong grasp of strategic management, a clear vision for the future, technical expertise and a strong desire to move forward successfully. However there are some leaders that appear to naturally inspire their colleagues to strive to achieve more. » Read More


Busting Three Employee Engagement Myths

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Don’t believe the myths you’re reading about employee engagement. Here you will see why the myths of employee engagement, employee selfishness, and a one size fits all approach are misguided. Instead, leaders are encouraged to create a compelling vision, equip, energize and empower their employees. Read more here… For more thoughts on employee engagement, here’s another » Read More


Choose Engagement

Choose Engagement | Lead Change Group

A recent USA Today article talks about employee engagement.  It cites a Gallup poll that claimed that 70% of American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work. That means 7 out of 10 people aren’t putting in more than they take out of their jobs. The post goes on to suggest 3 » Read More


Which Is a Better Leader? A Conversation on Results and Respect.


I believe conversations make us stronger leaders. We need to explore topics, challenge ourselves to think and understand, and learn ways to be a better leader. In the Lead Change Google+ group, we pose a different question each week. A few weeks ago, we asked: Which is a better leader:  A leader with big results » Read More


Four Ways to Create a Culture of Trust and Openness


In today’s fast-paced, globally-connected business world in which we live, an organization’s successes and failures can be tweeted across the Internet in a matter of seconds. A knee jerk reaction of many organizational leaders is to clamp down on the amount of information shared internally, with hopes of minimizing risk to the organization. Many times » Read More


An Argument for Conflict

boxing gloves

We’ve all experienced it. The meeting goes well. Everyone nods, smiles, and quickly agrees. There are no objections or even questions to answer. You leave feeling confident that your proposal will be unanimously adopted. Then you hear about the meeting after the meeting… and the lingering concerns and worries that ‘everyone’ has… and you know » Read More


Mike Henry Sr.: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview Part 2

Mike Henry Sr.

Here’s part 2 of Dan Rockwell’s interview with Author Mike Henry, Sr.: You can find Part 1 here. Chapter Titles: “Instigating a Leadership Revolution” and “Respect” Mike Henry, Sr. Chief Instigator, Lead Change Group Mike Henry is the founder and Chief Instigator of the Lead Change Group, a global community of leadership development professionals dedicated » Read More

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