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Playing the Part of Leader

The Actor Mask

“Don’t just act like the character. Be the character.”  I’ve heard these words from theater directors many times, and so have countless other actors and actresses on stage and screen.  The best actors are the ones who cause you to forget that you’re watching a movie or attending a live play, who can convince you » Read More


3 Steps to Confront Procrastination

This is a follow up to “What do you do instead of what you are supposed to be doing?” I introduced 10 things people (like me) do when we should be doing something more important. It also introduced the idea that shame and fear came from BS inside our heads. To catch up, check out » Read More


What do you do instead of what you are supposed to be doing?

procrastination meter

What do you do instead of what you are supposed to? Top 10 Things You’re Probably Doing Instead of What You are Supposed to be Doing: 10. Eating something bad for you 9. Checking your email every 3 minutes 8.  Looking for inspiration from others’ work 7. Reading just one more article about “how to » Read More


Leadership ASAP

Leadership ASAP

Can you lead a team in a hurry?  In today’s lightening-fast business world, effective leaders who achieve swift results through others have the advantage.  What does it take?  I’ve led and overseen lots of project teams.  They don’t all succeed, and the ones that do have a few things in common. When we talk about » Read More


Lead Yourself (Into Your Radiantly Imagined Future)

pvz Vietnam 2009

Here’s what I’ve learned about leadership: it begins with yourself. Boo-ya. Whatever I’ve learned about leadership has come from trial and error in and on the field. Is there another way? Books and seminars on leadership can be wonderful idea factories. But I’m not sure it’s possible to convince others to accomplish the extraordinary and » Read More


What Type of Leadership Personality Do You Have?


Self-leadership depends upon your personality type If your innate personality and belief system does not comply with the leadership style you choose, your results will be less than desired. You will come across as being phony, hard to communicate with and will be uncomfortable in your own skin. To succeed, choose a leadership style that » Read More


What We Need To Be

Max De Pree is the former CEO and Chairman of Herman Miller Furniture


Hockey, Teams and Self-Leadership


We are a hockey family.  That’s for sure, and most of the time we are knee deep in it. Yes, for eight months out of the year our time is devoted to coordinating the crazy hockey schedule while still making sure dinners get made, homework gets done, the kids are getting enough sleep and making » Read More


Connection and Gratitude


Thank you. You have honored and blessed me with your attention.  Your attention suggests that you agree… individuals can make a difference. It encourages me to challenge myself first and my friends to act on behalf of their best dream of the future.  Your attention and connection tells me that others share the idea that » Read More


What’s Your Driving Ambition?

the world makes way

As 2010 comes to a close and we prepare for a new year ahead, it’s worthwhile to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year and what we hope to achieve in 2011. As seasons of our lives change, so do our motivations and dreams, and all successful leaders know that you have to know your » Read More

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