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Love, Accountability and Leadership

Love, Accountability and Leadership | Lead Change Group

“If you messed up, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you?” I remember thinking that question when talking with a friend one time about the performance of a co-worker.  The co-worker seldom did this one particular task properly. In fact, it had been performed in error so much that my friend thought their co-worker was » Read More


Stir Yourself Up . . .


to hear ideas from the Unusual Suspects in your organization Be relentless in your exploration of what you stand for as a leader Move on from peers who blindly build support status quo thinking Investigate with curiosity ways to re-imagine what works Communicate. Connect people to people. Raise your hand to do something that scares » Read More


Leadership Is a Choice


I recently attended a Rypple webinar led by John Baldoni. In it he said, “Leadership is a choice.” It’s a seemingly obvious conclusion. However, there are layers of meaning to John’s statement that proved to me to be quite compelling. Too often we work with leaders who never made the choice. They merely act a » Read More

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