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Which Comes First?

chicken and egg

In preparation for an upcoming executive education session, I conducted a quick pulse survey earlier this month. I wanted to understand whether the leaders attending my training believe that there is a difference in the importance of career development to their employees based upon their current level of performance. And they do. A Picture of » Read More


Meaning Matters

meaning in wor2k

Earlier this year, Emily Esfahani Smith wrote an article in The Atlantic titled, “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy.”  Now, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on my pursuit of happily ever after… but it’s hard not to take note of the frequent mention of ‘meaning’ in articles, books, and other works » Read More


Gratitude for Weakness

Gratitude for Weakness | Lead Change Group

You hear a lot about strengths. I’m a huge fan of the whole focus on strengths led by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton in their book, Now Discover Your Strengths and followed by Tom Rath and the Gallup folks with their books Strengthsfinder 2.0 and Strengths Based Leadership (by Rath with Barry Conchie). Before » Read More


Jesus on Leading From Our Strengths

Norman Schwarzkopf

But the obvious question that follows “Why should I lead by my strengths?” is then, “So how do I do that?”  I believe the question is answered by one of the greatest teachers on leadership ever, as He spoke about the “HOW” of Character Based Leadership. We find the plan laid out in another passage » Read More


Page Cole: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview


Check out this great interview with Author, Page Cole: Chapter Title:  “Leading from Our Strengths” Page Cole Owner, Visiting Angels of Green Country Page Cole has been developing leaders for over 30 years as a pastor, with his last role as Executive Pastor of First Baptist Church, Owasso. He now owns Visiting Angels of Green » Read More


Bang The Drum All Day!!!


Music has a way of transporting us- our minds, our hearts, our thoughts- to amazing and sometimes frightening place. Songs stir up memories of the past, good and bad. Songs give us new lenses to see through as we survey our current landscape of life. Songs have a way of putting a lighting a candle » Read More


Introverts Lead Change


I had a chance to conduct a brief interview with our own Lisa Petrilli (LCG Author Profile, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+) CEO of C Level Strategies.  In case you haven’t heard, her new e-book launched this week. It’s titled The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership.  At the end of the post, you can » Read More


The Importance of Excelling vs. “Getting By”

Importance of Excelling vs. Getting By | Lead Change Group

Once every few years I am driving a car that runs over a nail or sharp object and develops a flat tire.  Sometimes I have time to wait for AAA to come out and change it.  Other times, I’m in a hurry and tackle the task myself.  It never is pretty.  I’m slow and the » Read More


Free Webinar – Why Leadership Training Doesn’t Stick

Meredith Bell | Lead Change Group

Billions of dollars are spent every year on leadership development, but all too often these programs don’t change a leader’s behavior in the workplace. Also, very few of these programs focus on helping leaders develop the personal strengths they need to meet the challenges that they face every day.


DIY Leadership

DIY Leadership

I’m starting with the man in the mirror I’m asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you wanna make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change ~Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson Leaders use their heads to manage and » Read More

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