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Is There a Leadership Gene?

Is There a Leadership Gene? | Lead Change Group

Subsequent to the mapping of the human genome, a project completed just over a decade ago, we have seen a number of human traits linked to heredity and one of the more recent is the quality of leadership. Quality may not be the appropriate word here. After all, Kim Il Sung, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan » Read More


Letting Go with Grace

letting go

It’s been a tough week. Our son – the most remarkable, capable, smart, fun, likable, insightful young man I know (a completely unbiased assessment) -  moved into his first apartment. While I’m bursting with pride that he’s so well-prepared for and excited about the next phase of his life, it’s a loss… and it changes » Read More


Leading Like Rickey


The movie 42 tells the story of how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier to become the first African American man to play Major League Baseball.  Amidst continuous racial discrimination and taunting from fans and players alike, he led his team to a National League pennant in his first season. Robinson earned Rookie of the » Read More


The Secret of Teams by Mark Miller

The Secret of Teams | Lead Change Group

Teams bring energy to life. Well, at least good teams do. Sometimes teamwork can be a real drain. We’ve all been part of a team that asked more from us than it delivered or failed to ask anything of us at all. Like most things, the greater the potential, the greater the disappointment that results » Read More


Sacrifice and Teamwork


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan Teamwork presents itself in many flavors and forms. Teamwork is the art of joining others in pursuit of a common goal. But it’s not just joining. We don’t join a team. We become a team. Becoming a team requires sacrifice. Michael Jordan’s whole » Read More


Sometimes you need outside help

Screen Shot 2011-09-27 at 8.49.51 AM

Jason Lauritsen of Transforming Business Through Talent website published an interesting post titled “When a Hired Gun is the Right Answer.”  Do you avoid outside experts to your disadvantage?  Sometimes we try to do everything ourselves because we think of our inability as weakness.  Jason talks about how many times, at least in HR recruiting, » Read More


5 Authentic Keys to Attract Top Talent

5 Authentic Keys to Attract Top Talent | Lead Change Group

Authentic Leadership leads to a sustainable workplace brand, the key to attracting talent ‘Authentic’ is a word rapidly falling out of vogue-especially with those of us engaging in social media. Yet none of us, if questioned, would deny we are authentic in our interactions with others. After all, we’re being ourselves all the time, right? » Read More


5 Things Every CEO Should Know About Talent Alignment

What Every CEO Should Know About Talent Alignment | Lead Change Group

I wrote a post for this Lead Change Blog a few months ago entitled, “The Number One Thing CEOs Wish They’d Done Differently.”  In that post I talked about how invariably when CEOs are asked, “What’s the one thing you wish you’d done differently when you took your role” they say, “I wish I’d moved » Read More


Failure! 4 Mistakes Leaders Must Avoid

4 Mistakes to Avoid | Lead Change Group

Leaders are known to inspire others to act and achieve goals that they otherwise would not be able to achieve themselves.     They challenge the status quo and break down barriers to help their constituents achieve their vision. In many ways, leaders make things happen and affect change that moves the needle and transforms the company » Read More


Integrate Talent and Heart in Your Leadership

Little League has finally come to an end for our family this season.  Between watching my son’s  regular-season games and my nephew’s all-star games, we’ve logged some significant bleacher time this spring and summer. It’s a great place to watch the interplay of talent and heart. Talent Talent—well, that’s all over the field, even in » Read More

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