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Are You Leading with Value in Mind?

Point Projection

Great leaders feel most energized when they can add massive value to the community they are working with or the world at large. And isn’t it wonderful when you have been instrumental in inspiring others to do the same? It takes real character to ask yourself, every day: How am I adding value today? It » Read More


The New Definition of CEO Chief

If emotional intelligence is not part of your training and development portfolio – please add it.  I’ve concluded – much of what goes wrong behavioral in leading, managing, and counterproductive employee behavior, can be tied to EQ (emotional intelligemce). Read more…



Thankful | Lead Change Group

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Thanksgiving and gratitude imply something outside ourselves. When I express appreciation I do it based on three ideas: Value – We value the thing for which we are grateful. It is worth more to us than it cost us. Source – We’re not the source of that thing. Scarce » Read More


The Posture of a Leader – Origins of Lead Change Part 8

Portrait of man lifting weights

In Tribes, Godin talks subtly about the transition in leadership from autocrat to servant. The section is titled The Posture of a Leader. He lists a series of shifts that we need to be aware of. For example, “If you are a student in my class and you don’t learn what I’m teaching, I’ve let » Read More


What Is Your Leadership Overhead Rate?

Leadership Overhead Model

  In almost every organization, there is a concept of overhead. Inc.com provides a solid overview of overhead, but simply stated it is the “costs incurred to make something else possible.” This is a great definition, and it should be applied squarely on leadership. Overhead costs on leadership should be low, meaning little burden on » Read More


Two Leadership Models

Two Leadership Models | The Lead Change Group

In leadership, there are two distinct organizational models. Since few things are quite so black-and-white, we might consider them to be two ends of a continuium, with a virtually limitless number of stops between the two. But at their core, the distinction between the two comes down to one question: who in the organization produces » Read More


Are Followers an Endangered Species?


Traditionally, leadership has been defined by the existence of followers.  If followers exist, you’re a leader.  Or at least that’s how it’s been traditionally understood.  However, if that’s the case, if we all become leaders, do we all cease being leaders because we have no followers?  Is a leader someone who can “get” others to » Read More


5 Steps to Consistently Make Good Decisions


Do you have an issue or a problem that you’re wrestling with right now? If you are like most business owners, you are actually juggling 136 issues. Dealing with issues is a big part of your day, maybe it’s even your whole day… I don’t know what you’re problem is, but I do know why » Read More


Stop greasing these 3 squeaky wheels


“A ‘squeaky wheel’ isn’t the highest priority project. It’s the loudest or most noticed. In many organizations, it gets the grease, while projects with greatest potential to bring about business results get delayed or set aside.” This quote, from the book Everything’s A Project, is playing like a mantra in my thoughts. We focus on squeaky wheels because they are irritating, not because they are important. We want the irritation to go away. But oil isn’t the answer.


Leadership Autopilot

Winding Road

Three years ago I moved to a new city. It was not until four weeks ago I realized that I don’t know my way around my city very well. The reason is simple and a little embarrassing. It is all due to my good friend named Garmin. For directionally challenged people (such as me) Garmin is a lifesaver; however, it can also create great challenges: mentally checking out while you are driving for one. You’re driving along and Garmin says, “turn right here,” then “turn left there,” and before you know it… “arriving at destination”. You have no idea where you even are or how you go there, but voila!, Garmin says, “you have arrived”.

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