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The Opposite of Leader

Two-faced head fire and ice statue

Sometimes, a description of what something is not helps to also describe what it is. This past week, we had another Lead Change Tulsa breakfast dialogue and the topic was Effectively Leading Diverse Organizations. Over 40 people, many new to Lead Change, joined us for this discussion. Teri Aulph (@TeriAulph) generally enlists the panelists and » Read More


Compensation and Class Warfare

Black limousine in Hong Kong

I recently interacted with someone on Google+ related to a post showing “average CEO pay in the US” compared to other nations.  It stated flatly that the pay was 475 times the pay of the average worker.  So I questioned the source. The source is a blog called Payscale.com and another he cited was the » Read More


Spontaneous Motivation

Night eruption on top of Volcano Stromboli © Vulkanisator - Fotolia.com

“If people are going to do their best, they must be internally motivated” – Kouzes & Posner Leadership Challenge 4th Edition Real success in energizing an organization or a community or a tribe comes from a shared vision and spontaneous motivation. By “spontaneous” I mean “controlled and directed internally,” and “produced without being planted or » Read More


Leadership Workout

getting-huge by ericmcgregor on flickr

A quote from the introduction to the 4th edition of Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner caught my attention.  “In the end, we realize that leadership development is self-development.”  That thought stuck in my mind.  It explains much of my passion for the topic of leadership. Have you ever noticed the energy you get from » Read More

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