Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring

As the workplace has become more diverse, mentoring has become more challenging. Mentors and mentees may come from very different backgrounds and have a limited understanding of each other’s cultures and outlooks. But mentoring remains the most powerful tool for creating meaningful relationships, furthering professional development, and increasing engagement and retention. Younger workers and emerging leaders, in particular, are demanding it.

Lisa Z. Fain and Lois J. Zachary, authors of Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring: Lean Forward, Learn, Leverage, will be building on ideas from their book during this hour-long webinar event.

Listen in as Lisa Z. Fain and Lois J. Zachary share about improving the mentoring process within a diverse workplace. You'll gain insight into increasing your own self-awareness and preparing to embrace and leverage differences within mentoring relationships.

Join us on October 27th at 1 PM (ET), as John Hope Bryant, author of Up from Nothing: The Untold Story of How We (All) Succeed, explains how collectively, we need to become a nation of winners once again. America is still the Land of Opportunity, and from his stories of humble beginnings, hard work, and success, John Hope-Bryant revives the idea of the American Dream. Register for the FREE webinar here.

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