I'm Not Done Yet, and you shouldn't be either

Despite advances made by women in the workplace, pay inequity and underrepresentation in top positions are still a reality. And, unfortunately, the situation looks worse for older women, who face what author, podcast host, and sought-after coach Bonnie Marcus calls “the double whammy of gendered ageism.” As a woman over fifty, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do as you face down diminished responsibilities, decreasing visibility, and the looming specter of being “aged out.”

Don’t let ageist beliefs create a self-fulfilling prophecy that hinders you from achieving your career goals. During this hour-long webinar, Bonnie Marcus shares strategies from her latest book, Not Done Yet!: How Women Over 50 Regain Their Confidence and Claim Workplace Power.

Listen in as Bonnie uncovers some of the assumptions we hold about women over 50 in the workplace and identify the strategies women can take to beat ageist limitations and reclaim their power.


College brings even more freedom and less structure, making time management even more critical for college students. Join us on April 8th as we speak with Brian Tracy and Anna Leinberger, authors of Eat That Frog! for Students: 22 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Excel in School, as they share their system of prioritizing, time management, and persistent focus on top tasks to help increase your student’s efficiency.

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