Leaders Made Here

Mark writes, “A never-ending supply of competent, values-based leaders creates a real sustainable competitive advantage. The path is well-known, even if little traveled.”

Bestselling author and Vice President of High-Performance Leadership Mark Miller describes how any organization can create a culture in which leaders are routinely and systematically developed, resulting in a surplus of leaders.

Listen in as Mark discusses how to nurture leaders throughout the organization, and provide a game plan for organizations to create a deep and effective leadership bench. Learn how to apply a 5-step process for creating a leadership culture, from defining organizational goals to modeling the best of a leadership culture.

Join Dr. Ed Adams and Ed Frauenheim, authors of Reinventing Masculinity: The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection, for a four-part webinar series as they explore the what, how, where, and why of reinventing masculinity.

January 28th at 12 PM (ET) - Why Do We Need to Reinvent Masculinity Today?
February 11 at 12 PM (ET) - What Does it Mean to Reinvent Masculinity?
February 25th at 12 PM (ET) - How Can We Reinvent Masculinity?
March 11th at 12 PM (ET) - Where to Reinvent Masculinity? At Home, at Work, and in the World

When you register, you’ll automatically be registered for and get reminders about the entire series. If you can’t attend all four, we welcome you to attend those you are able.

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