Overcoming supply chain complexities for advantage

Co-hosts Steven Bowen, author & CEO at Maine Pointe, and Mike Burnette, MD, Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI), University of Tennessee, will discuss the latest research into corporate supply chain challenges.

Listen in as Steven and Mike share how supply chain complexities can be successfully overcome through better end-to-end-collaboration, and identify this as a largely untapped area for competitive advantage.

During this hour-long webinar packed with practical insights, Steve and Mike will discuss:

  • The latest research trends and issues from the Global Supply Chain Institute.
  • End-to-end collaboration best practices.
  • Real-world insights into how to drive measurable cost, cash, and growth improvements across the end-to-end supply chain to enhance your EBITDA.
  • How CEOs and supply chain leaders can quantify and deliver the benefit of driving cross-functional collaboration across their procurement, logistics, and operations functions while leveraging the power of data analytics and employee engagement.

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