Saving your Team from the Three Decision Traps

Conversations have consequences. Discussions lead to decisions that shape the future for individuals, families, companies, and nations. Too often these decisions are derailed by faulty logic and false constraints. These pitfalls are not simply hidden but deviously veiled in the guise of wisdom, truth, and common sense.

Jack Quarles, the author of Expensive Sentences, identifies three common traps that often sabotage decisions, especially those made in a team setting. Discover a surprisingly simple method to discern whether conventional wisdom and clichés that often guide our decisions are useful or toxic.

Listen in as Jack shares practical steps to improve your decisions and help others to do the same.

Join Judith Hurwitz and Dan Kirsch for an hour-long webinar on March 17th at 1 PM (ET) as they discuss weak augmentation vs. strong augmentation, and identify how organizations can rethink business processes through the inclusion of data, human learning, and machine learning. Register for this free event here.

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