Up From Nothing: The Untold Story Of How We (All) Succeed

America is still the Land of Opportunity, and from his stories of humble beginnings, hard work, and success, John Hope Bryant revives the idea of the American Dream. But how do we change our mindset from survivor to thriver to winner? How do we move beyond just getting by or being financially independent, to becoming wildly successful?

By ensuring that every stakeholder in America has access to the Five Pillars of Success—massive education, financial literacy, strong family structure, self-esteem, and supportive role models—we can fulfill the promise of America’s greatness. But to do so, we must turn away from distractions—such as political in-fighting or racial and class divisions—and focus on what we can control.

Listen in as John Hope Bryant, author of Up from Nothing: The Untold Story of How We (All) Succeed, explains how, collectively, we need to become a nation of winners once again.

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