Win Every Day: Putting Proven Practices To Work For Extraordinary Results

Execution is essential for high-performing organizations, but often the leaders of those organizations have misconceptions about what strong and successful execution looks like. What makes these processes so elusive to leaders—and how can they turn around their current strategies in order to excel at execution?

Mark Miller, the author of Win Every Day: Proven Practices for Extraordinary Results, discusses how to implement successful execution to work in order to drive extraordinary results for their organization.

Listen in as Mark shares proven tools to release the untapped potential in your people, create a strong competitive advantage, and win not just on game day but every day.


Recently we’re feeling more polarized than ever. How did we get here and how do we address the polarization we’re experiencing? Is there a source or root cause of poverty, racism, and sexism? Join us tomorrow, October 29th, at 1 PM (ET) as we dive deeper into the concept of AND-thinking, and discover real-world techniques to bridge the divides that separate us and move towards understanding and healing. We’ll share concrete examples of how you can put AND-thinking into practice immediately. Register for the FREE webinar here.

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