One of Those Days

He was having a tough time…

…a passionate, motivated, committed executive who cares about his people, and isn’t afraid of the hard work to get things done.

Despite all those assets, he was struggling.

As the executive leader of the organization, he was responsible…for everything. On this day, that responsibility weighed heavily on his shoulders.

Things were not moving as quickly as he would like, there were dozens of challenges needing attention, and to make it worse, he was sick – his body wouldn’t cooperate with his desire to give 100% of his energy.

Have You Been There?

Maybe you can identify with him.

At some point in their leadership journey, leaders come to a crisis of confidence: Can I do this?

Your vision for the future and passion for the results you know are possible confront today’s realities – nothing is working the way you want it to, people don’t seem to understand, even if you never slept again you still wouldn’t have enough time.

What’s particularly annoying is that the more you care, the more you can get frustrated.

(If you didn’t care, there would be nothing to be frustrated about, right?)

If you’ve ever felt this way, you are not alone. The good news is, you can get through it. [Read more...]

David M. Dye
David works with leaders, managers, and supervisors who want to get more done, build teams that care, and achieve results. He is a leadership speaker, consultant and coach as well as the the founder and President of Trailblaze, Inc. Connect with David via his Lead Change member profile, his website and blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.
David M. Dye


I work with leaders who want to get more done, build teams that care, and achieve their goals. Author, speaker, & coach. Be the leader you want your boss to be!
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