7 Most Powerful Lessons From Life & Leadership

by  Chery Gegelman  |  Self Leadership

I recently sat down and created a list of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned so far, in life and in leadership.

Seven of those lessons stand out as lessons that are critically important to share:

  1.  Your calling can become your idol if you let it.
  2.  Without a vision people and organizations really do perish.
  3. Leaving your comfort zone will always make you feel weak and small.
  4. Every human has feet of clay, complete trust and confidence should only be placed in God.
  5. The critical balance of compassion and accountability.
  6.  How to forgive, even when the act seems unforgivable.
  7. Brokenness creates humility.  Thankfulness sustains humility.

How about you… What are the most powerful life and leadership lessons you’ve learned so far?

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What People Are Saying

Jon Mertz  |  20 Mar 2012  |  Reply

Solid lesson, Chery. One I would add is take time to rest, reflect, and renew. Taking the time to take a step back helps us keep taking positive steps forward. Thanks for your insights and lessons! Jon

Chery Gegelman  |  20 Mar 2012  |  Reply


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love yours too. In our fast-paced world it is so easy to forget that one, and it is so key to finding balance, peace and perspective. Hope you have a great week!


Page Cole  |  21 Mar 2012  |  Reply

Love it love it love it love it… just because something is basic, doesn’t mean we don’t need to be reminded of it, and that they aren’t mission critical for success!

Chery Gegelman  |  21 Mar 2012  |  Reply


Thank you for your comment! You just made me laugh out loud! Yes I have a simple brain! …And am taking great comfort in this quote from Einstein. “If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Have a great day my friend!


Sunkara Krishna  |  22 Mar 2012  |  Reply

Thanks for your views. Lessons are learnt from life only. Wishing you a great week ahead.

Chery Gegelman  |  23 Mar 2012  |  Reply

Thanks for your comments Sunkara.

Yes – All of those lessons were learned from a combination of personal experiences and wisdom from others. It is amazing how something you have heard, read and even believed on the surface can have much deeper more profound meaning when it is applied to your own experiences.

Mark_Silet  |  14 Apr 2012  |  Reply

I could not agree with you more when you stated – “Without a vision people and organizations really do perish.”

As Lewis Carol so eloquently put it in Alice in Wonderland – “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Chery Gegelman  |  15 Apr 2012  |  Reply


Thank you for the comment! I love the quote from Lewis Carol!

Have a great night!


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