I recently sat down and created a list of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned so far, in life and in leadership.

Seven of those lessons stand out as lessons that are critically important to share:

  1.  Your calling can become your idol if you let it.
  2.  Without a vision people and organizations really do perish.
  3. Leaving your comfort zone will always make you feel weak and small.
  4. Every human has feet of clay, complete trust and confidence should only be placed in God.
  5. The critical balance of compassion and accountability.
  6.  How to forgive, even when the act seems unforgivable.
  7. Brokenness creates humility.  Thankfulness sustains humility.

How about you… What are the most powerful life and leadership lessons you’ve learned so far?

Chery Gegelman
Chery is a speaker, consultant, author and a first-time expat that is passionate about helping people and organizations grow. She deeply believes that most of the answers organizations and communities are seeking are lying dormant inside of their employees and customers waiting to be discovered. Her personal experiences of leading system-wide changes from the middle and the edge of organizations just add exclamation points to her passion. Chery is quick to point out that any wisdom or understanding she brings come from failures and successes, wise mentors, the people she worked with, and the underserved grace of her Heavenly Father. ~
Chery Gegelman


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Chery Gegelman
Chery Gegelman