Are You A Vortex Or A Drain?

by  Paul LaRue  |  Self Leadership
Are You A Vortex Or A Drain?

Let’s face it. As a leader you’re most likely the catalyst in your respective organization.

You get the initiative rolling, the dream envisioned, and the communication flowing. You help the systems get developed, the revenues stream in, and the company be promoted.

The technical, or hard, skills of leadership demand a lot from you. But when the intersection of our heart and energy come together, what does that demand of your people and your teams?

In other words, are we a vortex for our organization, or are we a drain within it?

If you’re a vortex, you are the type of leader that funnels energy and focuses it upward, moving everything around you along, and catapulting forward the goals, values, and mission of your company. People will naturally be lifted up by your example, and be sucked along with the focus you’ve generated because of the irresistible lure of what you’re promoting.

In fact, many times you’ll propel others to skills and achievements beyond where you are because you’ve given them a charge of vision that they spin off, becoming vortexes of their own.

Unlike a tornado, which leaves destruction in its wake, a vortex will increase the energy and intensity of their teams with a positive charge and direction that will carry the momentum of vision, even when those natural lulls in our leadership occur.

A vortex can be a very influential power within your company, but so can a drain.

If you’re a drain, you suck the life out of your people and your organization. By just sitting there and creating a negative environment, you will drag others down, turn the focus inward and downward, and never move anything beyond your level.

The purpose of a drain is simple – to be a conduit for waste. Drains waste time, resources, and talent. A person that is a leadership “drain” takes everything in its reach and gives nothing in return.

Our energy can pull everything down, or propel everything forward. Drains are the path of least resistance. True leadership stays away from the easy path. Let’s each determine to be a vortex in our organization.

What have been your vortexes or drains? Tell me about them!
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What People Are Saying

Mary C. Schaefer  |  11 Jan 2015  |  Reply

Good job, Paul. I love this comparison between a vortex and a drain.

Vatsala Shukla  |  16 Jan 2015  |  Reply

I loved the comparison of the vortex and drain style of leadership, Paul. It got me thinking of real life examples and then, I found one from way back in the late 90s when I worked for a Vortex Leader. The ambiance in the office was wonderful and even though ours was a high pressure work environment, everyone was happy. We met our targets and there was a lot of goal achievement going on both for the company and the individual staff members.

Then the boss changed. Vortex Leader had a difference with the owner and left. He was replaced with a very competent boss but things changed for all of us. The motivation and inspiration was replaced with fear of not reaching targets and the works. The new boss was a nice human being but looking back at the time and with 20-20 vision hindsight, I think he qualifies as the Vortex Leader. Quite a few professionals left and while the company did go from strength to strength, I doubt the workforce morale was ever the same. Thank you for the insight.

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