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Piera Palazzolo of Dale Carnegie Training wants to contribute to the online conversation about leadership and business management with the blogging community. Dale Carnegie Training was founded in 1912 by one of America’s most influential speakers and leaders. Today the company continues to work with individuals and businesses to build leadership, public speaking, and management skills that result in success.

6 Tips for Dealing with Conflicts in the Workplace


No matter how productive, efficient, positive or friendly your work environment is, there will always be conflict.  Because of the competitive nature and the necessity to turn a profit, conflict is experienced in every workplace.  Just because conflict exists in your workplace doesn’t mean it can’t be productive or is always negative. There are times » Read More


Ignite Innovation In Your Team


No business will be successful unless its product, service or process is innovative on some level. Innovation is what differentiates companies within the same industry from one another.  It isn’t something that can be purchased or built, but it is something that can be encouraged and fostered within a company culture. Just because an idea » Read More


4 Tips to Engage New Recruits


Starting a new job presents a mix of emotions.  New opportunities, people, responsibilities and tasks always get the blood flowing on the first day.  At the same time, going through so much change so quickly without a familiar face to rely on can be overwhelming for some people. While the first day is a pivotal » Read More


4 Tips to Engage Your Employees


No one wants a boss who micromanages and is constantly looking over their shoulder. At the same time, most people don’t want a manager who is inattentive.  It never looks good when a manager doesn’t seem to have an idea of what their employees are working on.  Additionally, if a manager isn’t acknowledging when someone » Read More


3 Tips on Building Good Relationships


There are lots of self-help books available today, although you may not be familiar with many of them. But you probably have heard of the granddaddy of these books, and every other self-help book published in living memory, for that matter: Dale Carnegie’s 1936 self-help classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” The first » Read More


How to Make a Positive Lasting Impression


In the past I have discussed how important it is to make a positive first impression. While making a good first impression is critical, it is crucial that you continue to have a positive impression on everyone you interact with. Your clients, employer and employees will appreciate your pleasant and positive demeanor the first time » Read More


Get Social – Tips to Help You Improve Your Social Skills


In a world that seems to be run by social media, it’s extremely important that business professionals never let their in-person social skills deteriorate. Whether you’re looking to move up the career ladder, improve your management skills, inspire growth and innovation within your company or simply build more personal relationships, utilizing social skills will always » Read More


New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders


Every year, millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions. According to usa.gov, top resolutions range anywhere from losing weight, to recycling more; but for business leaders, why not make a resolution to improve your business and your own personal professional development as well. Below are a few wise words and tips for » Read More


4 Tips to Become a Better Business Person

Dale Lead Change

We have long heard about the importance of teamwork in the workplace. However, while there is no “I” in team, you will be of no use to your team if you take zero time to work on yourself. As the year ends, take some time to invest in becoming a better business person and team » Read More


How to Handle Change

10-23-2013 1-51-30 PM

As market conditions, budgets and consumer needs change, companies will have to adjust to remain successful. However, change is one five letter word that often strikes fear into teams and employees. According to a study conducted by IBM, the need for company leaders to lead change is growing, but the necessary leadership skills are diminishing. » Read More

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