4 Tips to Engage New Recruits

Starting a new job presents a mix of emotions.  New opportunities, people, responsibilities and tasks always get the blood flowing on the first day.  At the same time, going through so much change so quickly without a familiar face to rely on can be overwhelming for some people.

While the first day is a pivotal time for people beginning a new job, it is also an opportune moment for managers and leaders.  Engaging and embracing a new recruit while their excitement is at its peak is the perfect way to capture that energy and help them hit the ground running.  Likewise, being there for them when they are nervous and unsure of their new responsibilities is a great way to increase employee engagement and to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

Here are tips to know how to engage a new recruit and make their transition as seamless as possible:

Assign them a mentor

Giving someone a mentor provides that person with a resource they know they can count on.  You can take this responsibility yourself, or you can give it to someone else.  If you decide to delegate this to someone, make sure it is a person who has a positive attitude, enjoys teaching and has plenty of experience.

Create a career plan and goals

This is a great way to capture the excitement of a new employee.  People love to know what they are working towards and what goals they are striving for.  Giving them definitive goals and a path is an effective way to harness their excitement and make them a functional member of the team.

Give them responsibility

Use this tactic to make someone feel like they are an integral part of the team as soon as they walk in the door.  Not giving a new team member responsibility or work to do as soon as they start can cause them to get discouraged and lose that initial excitement they had about their new opportunity.

Schedule time for training

No matter what, it will take any new team member time to adjust to the way their new team works and what their new job demands.  Set aside designated time for professional development training to make sure they have time to learn the essential skills that are unique to their position.

Bringing in a new recruit should be equally as exciting for your company as it is that new team member.  For your company, it represents an opportunity to inject vision, ideas and a new perspective.  Engage your new hires from the moment they walk in to make the most of the relationships.

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