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Chery is a speaker, consultant, author and a first-time expat that is passionate about helping people and organizations grow. She deeply believes that most of the answers organizations and communities are seeking are lying dormant inside of their employees and customers waiting to be discovered. Her personal experiences of leading system-wide changes from the middle and the edge of organizations just add exclamation points to her passion. Chery is quick to point out that any wisdom or understanding she brings come from failures and successes, wise mentors, the people she worked with, and the underserved grace of her Heavenly Father. ~

Are You Separating, Assimilating or Leading Change?


I recently shared a blog post about a Social Media dialog that took place with my expat neighbors and friends on the other side of the world. That dialog crossed cultures and religions, and focused on freedom and respect and fueled a growing dream.   As that dialog has continued with my neighbor, she asked » Read More


Do you listen to your gut or to your logic? Which one is right?

We all know the feeling…that situation that gives us hesitation. That pregnant pause. The wrestling between our mind and our instinct. Gut versus logic. With which should we side? Read more…


Is simple thought leadership as valuable as something elaborate?

A recent conversation with friend and co-author Jennifer V. Miller about the value of leadership fables caused me to examine my love of simplicity in business, leadership and life. Does a simple message have the depth of an elaborate one? Is one easier to remember than the other? Are simple messages as valuable or as long » Read More


Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources


This is the third post in our series:  What does HR Really Stand For:  Human Resources or Human Remains? As I thought through this series, I reached out Kevin Kennemer because I knew that he had both the passion and the data to make the case that Great Workplaces enjoy a significant competitive advantage over their competition. » Read More


Chaos or Vision: YOU Choose!


As expats we live in a secure compound with high walls, inside those walls we have grass, trees, flowers, beauty and order. Many local families live in their own high walled “compounds” with their extended families. And although I have never been behind those walls I have heard of their gardens. Outside of all of » Read More


Leadership 101: Consistent, Fair, Explainable


Our good friend and long time Instigator, Chery Gegelman posted this over on her Simply Understanding blog Several years ago a mentor shared his business plan with me.  In part of it he wrote something he called a STAND.  When I asked what that was, he said it was knowing what you stand for before you » Read More


Leadership Development Blog Carnival: What Great Leaders Do!


I’m honored to host Dan McCarthy’sLeadership Development Blog Carnival this month. January ended with MLK Day. This month we honor Washington and Lincoln.  So when Dan and I reached out to our leadership networks, we asked bloggers to share posts about what great leaders do, posts that highlight vision, passion, courage, commitment and even a willingness to sacrifice their » Read More


5 Truths To Help You Do “It” ~ Even If You Are Afraid!

young scared woman in bed

WARNING!  This is a long post filled with a personal story and a lot of passion about the growth we will experience when we face our fears. If you want to view a shorter video version of my fears:  You can watch them here. And if you want to jump ahead to the 5 Truths » Read More


Willing to Exchange Our Lives for Your Freedom (Part 2)


Have you ever considered this…?  “A Veteran, whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve, is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount up to and including his or her own life.“  Unknown  Did you know that many studies » Read More


Remember Who You Are…

Remember Who You Are

Earlier this week I spoke with a friend that has an extraordinary gift, and an opportunity to use that gift at a much higher level. If she chooses to pursue that opportunity she has to push through whispers of doubt that her mind is already generating about all that she is not. She must push » Read More

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