Julia Felton

As the creator and founder of Business HorsePower Julia Felton is a transformational business and leadership coach, mentor, author and speaker.  She is passionate about helping visionary business leaders “grab the reins” to lead their life and business to more success through tapping into their hidden potential

A former corporate executive Julia decided to “grab the reins” of her own life when she realized that despite her immense success she was not leading her own life with passion and purpose and doing what she wanted.  However, she soon realized that she had just swapped the corporate hamster wheel for the hamster wheel of her own business. One where you never get a day off and you work for the worst boss ever, yourself! Today she helps visionary business owners and teams become the leaders they need to be to enable the growth and success of the business.

Julia is on a BIG MISSION to energise 1,000 business owners and executives to courageously step up and lead their team and business to the next level. Taking people to a place they have never been before, where the hidden 90% of their brilliance lies. The winning results include increased team engagement and productivity which leads to increased profitability, impact and influence.

Her training is delivered via a mix of virtual, in person and experiential programmes which are innovative and highly sought after.  She defies convention and gets her clients to step out of their comfort zone and do something completely different, and sometimes this involves interactions with her herd of horses.

Julia Is the author of The Alchemy Of Change: Ancient Wisdom Re-invented To Unleash The Potential For Leaders and Teams and Unbridled Success: How the Secret Lives of Horses Can Impact Your Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills.  She holds a BSc in Hospitality Management and Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  In addition she is also a Licensed Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant, Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, Licensed HorseDream Partner, NLP Practitioner and Coach  and holds a Master Coach Accreditation from the Coaching Standards Authority.

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