Julia Felton

Julia Felton is a change catalyst and leadership development specialist with a proven track record over 10 years of developing high performance leaders and teams. She specialises in creating and delivering experiential leadership development programmes for clients in both the public and private sector. She combines this with her 15 years of corporate experience as a business transformation consultant, to deliver innovative solutions where the systems and processes support the team’s effectiveness rather than hamper it.

Julia’s passion for leading change and developing high-performance cultures comes from her own personal experience of leading her business division through the Andersen/Deloitte integration. She recognises and appreciates the real, practical challenges that team members go through when navigating change and how to embed this change to enable its success. Julia believes that everything starts with Why, and is committed to helping individuals become more consciously aware and connected to their purpose, so that this can increase engagement and alignment throughout the organisation.

Julia’s innovative programmes are inspired by nature and her herd of horses, where no time or energy is wasted. Everything works in perfect harmony as an ecosystem. However, as Julia experienced, that is rarely the way in life and business.

Julia is an international speaker, and author of two books on leadership and creating high-performance business culture: The Alchemy Of Change: Ancient Wisdom Re-Invented To Unleash The Potential Of Leaders and Teams and Unbridled Success: How The Secret Lives Of Horses Impacts Leadership, Teamwork and Communication.