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Mike is the Chief Instigator of the Lead Change Group and co-author with 20 other Lead Change Instigators, of The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution... One Person At A Time. His mission: Elevate Purpose, Mobilize People. (Or is it Elevate People, Mobilize Purpose...) He's passionate about energizing motivated people to make a positive difference. Please comment below or click on Mike's social media links to connect.

Sponsoring New Leaders – Resource or Outsource?


In my project management training, one principle stood out as the root cause of most failures.  Any project that doesn’t have good sponsorship fails. A good sponsor is one who takes responsibility for the outcome. They listen, learn, and do the things necessary to make the rest of the team successful. Often success is totally » Read More


Chicago Meetup June 26 2014




Help Pioneer Outfitters Alaska

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Amber-Lee Dibble (@AlaskaChickBlog) has been an Instigator in Lead Change Group for a while. She joined because she wanted to do something to promote leadership and leadership development. She didn’t want to do nothing. Then, last year, there was a tragedy in her life that she’s going to discuss below. As a result, she and » Read More


Busting Three Employee Engagement Myths

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Don’t believe the myths you’re reading about employee engagement. Here you will see why the myths of employee engagement, employee selfishness, and a one size fits all approach are misguided. Instead, leaders are encouraged to create a compelling vision, equip, energize and empower their employees. Read more here… For more thoughts on employee engagement, here’s another » Read More


Choose Engagement

Choose Engagement | Lead Change Group

A recent USA Today article talks about employee engagement.  It cites a Gallup poll that claimed that 70% of American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work. That means 7 out of 10 people aren’t putting in more than they take out of their jobs. The post goes on to suggest 3 » Read More


How do you overcome an imperfect boss?

imperfect boss

When it comes to developing a great relationship with a boss, most of us can use all the help we can get. You have more power than you think.–Karin Hurt This is the heart of a great new book by Lead Change instigator Karin Hurt, who recently released “Overcoming an Imperfect Boss.” Drawing on a diverse background » Read More


Courage of Purpose

Courage of Purpose | Lead Change Group

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon What are you most afraid of losing? No, I’m not talking about your life. Let’s say in your job, what are you most afraid of? Generally, for me, I’m most afraid I’m wasting my » Read More


Communicate Vision – A Case Study


Author’s note: This is a story from my first management position, not my first “leadership” position. I think you’ll agree, I was a manager with a leadership problem. My first management opportunities came with very small groups of people. This story is about the time I became branch manager of a small trucking company. The » Read More


Instigator Hangout April 12, 2014


Imagine the irony of “following” a leadership development community. Think about it. If we want to develop leaders, must we make them “follow” us? Have you ever considered how pervasive the idea seems to be that we must be taught or that we must be led? In true Lead Change style, we are setting out » Read More


Interview with Instigator John Bossong

john bossong

We last interviewed John Bossong in the November 2012 Lead Change newsletter and wanted to get an update from him as to where he is now in his leadership journey! In his original interview, John shared his background in leadership: I’ve been in leadership positions for most of my career, in the transportation industry. I believe » Read More

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