Clarity and Character-Based Leaders

A lack of clarity can be very frustrating. We obsess over meaningless details and our uncertainty makes us decide over and over again. We waste effort worrying about factors outside our control.

Clarity produces many benefits for character-based leaders. Being clear demands effort, but produces great results.

Clarity brings out our courage.

When we select something, we must choose not to select many others. One of my most persistent difficulties lies in my love of options. I hate to rule anything out. You’ve heard of the fear of missing out (FOMO). I have a fear of ruling out. When I’m clear, I rule out options quickly. My courage overcomes my fear. I don’t like me when I’m scared or unclear. Clarity brings out my courage, and a courageous leader is an attractive leader.

Clarity creates confidence.

When we examine the options, and honestly rule them all out, we rest confidently in our choice. Honestly, we may still have some reservations, but reservations make humility possible. Over time, as we compare options and continue to make the same choice, we build a winsome confidence in our goals or our direction. But because it took time and because we had reservations, we avoid arrogance for the long haul. Clarity allows us to concentrate on the goal confidently.

Clarity facilitates progress.

We focus all of our energy on our most important goals. The more clear we are about our priorities, the more energy we can focus on the top. If we change directions over and over again, we may find ourselves back in the same place. As we steadily persist toward our goal, our past choices propel our future success.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence . . . Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” - Calvin Coolidge

Clarity enables consistent communication.

Many substitute communication for clarity, but communication is dependent on clarity. Unclear communication confuses, frustrates, and demoralizes. We can clearly communicate unclear vision, goals, or direction. Clarity simplifies communication over time and helps everyone work together.

Clarity exemplifies character-based leadership.

We join people who are clear about their destination and their values. Clear leaders eliminate the noise of too many options, confidently pursue priority goals, make steady progress, and communicate a clear vision. Clear leaders insure team success.

What else might you add? Where are you most clear? Where do you need to kill some options? Evaluate your clarity honestly and sharpen your leadership.

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