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Author, trainer, coach, entrepreneur, passionate about helping people to move towards a more connected and fruitful existence, where work is joyful and productive! Connect with her on her LeadChange profile, her blog, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Are You Leading with Value in Mind?

Point Projection

Great leaders feel most energized when they can add massive value to the community they are working with or the world at large. And isn’t it wonderful when you have been instrumental in inspiring others to do the same? It takes real character to ask yourself, every day: How am I adding value today? It » Read More


The P Word: Politics and Leadership


The higher up you coach in an organization, the more politics is a true issue. It’s a base to cover with leaders that turns out to be somewhat of a taboo for some. I have even had people tell me “there are no politics” in their organization. Well, that’s just not so. And “politics” is » Read More


Vacations: Who needs them anyway?


The answer is we all do, whether we know it or not! But not necessarily in the traditional sense. It’s all about balance. I have known great leaders to take time off beautifully and others to feel they never can or need to. But in the age of ideas, it’s a proven fact that your » Read More


Leaders: Don’t just stand there, share something!


Sharing is a kindergarten concept, isn’t it? We just don’t talk about it that much in the serious corporate world or we might sound new-agey. So I hope this post will bring it back big time, beginning with you! What if you wrote it in your schedule: “Share something?” It can mean a number of » Read More


Where do you get your energy?


If you are a character-based leader you will strive to be the best you can be. You will be leading with integrity, and courage and regard to others. You will be after a noble cause or at the very least a noble way to reach your objectives. You will feel committed and responsible for the » Read More


Lonely at the Top? Not Necessarily.


I still hear that a lot. How lonely it is at the top. How difficult it is to remain a character-based leader. How it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Right? Well, as I said, not necessarily. Last night I was watching The Scent of a Woman for the umpteenth time. I » Read More


Aspire to Lead? Check your aspirations.


If you aspire to be a leader, what would that look like for you? Do you imagine it? Do you strive for it every day? Of course, you might be attracted to the LeadChange group because you already have a leadership responsibility or because the very thought of leadership is enticing to you. To me, » Read More


Leadership is a Practice


I love the way we talk leadership here. It always inspires me to read what others are saying, to hear the radio shows, to be in the presence of the Lead Change community. So here’s what I have been pondering lately. I hope we can continue to explore it together. Consider this: True leadership is » Read More

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