The P Word: Politics and Leadership

The higher up you coach in an organization, the more politics is a true issue. It's a base to cover with leaders that turns out to be somewhat of a taboo for some. I have even had people tell me "there are no politics" in their organization.

Well, that's just not so. And "politics" is not a dirty word, either! It refers to shifts in power and the execution of authority in any way in which it appears in your workplace. So, it is the stuff that daily interactions are made of for those seeking influence within the organization.

What it does NOT entail is being untruthful, ruthless, sneaky or otherwise dishonest. In its highest sense, it seeks justice and fairness, clarity and consistency across decisions. When done ethically, politics is as fascinating as any aspect of human relations. Who is asking for what? Who feels connected to whom? How do powerful players interact in this scenario? More and more, if you are in a top management position and not consciously “doing politics”, you are not in the game! Click here to read the full article.

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