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Owner, Visiting Angels of Green Country(non-medical homecare franchise). I've served for over 23 years in various roles within the local church and in business, working to develop leaders within both communities.

Reasons or Excuses – Do Yours Pass the SMELL Test?

box car bbq

We’re all going to fail or let someone down sooner or later.  The cause of our failure may be legitimate, or it may not.  As much as leaders want results, they despise excuses even more.  A trust relationship can be destroyed in an instant, and the weapon of its demise is an excuse. I remember » Read More


5 Challenges for Your Living Tombstone


“What do you want written on your tombstone?”   The question has been posed over and over, challenging people to pause and consider what they want their lives and legacy to ultimately be.  There are so many things that could be said…   “He was a good man…  I told you I was sick…  She » Read More


52 Ways To Avoid Giving An Immediate Answer


No one likes being pushed or bullied into making snap decisions.  There’s something unnerving about the situation where we’re the demand is “I need an answer, and I need it now!”  Of course, if you work as in law enforcement or an emergency room, sometimes immediate decisions are necessary. But most of the time, the » Read More


How Blue Are You?

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 4.17.00 PM

I was able to take my wife and another couple to the Blue Man Group as it traveled through Oklahoma this week.  I expected to see 3 slimy blue people playing strange instruments, but beyond that I wasn’t sure what I would experience.  To call the show amazing is an understatement.  We laughed, we danced, » Read More


Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?


“It’s unbelievable.  I’ve explained this to her twice in the last year.  He has to be reminded about the same report… again.  Why am I dealing with the same challenges and issues this year with my team that I was last year?  AAAAAAGH!”  Have you ever been here?  It can seem like a bad workplace » Read More


Funny Business of a Leader

Sense of Humor

Funny Business of a Leader Mahatma Gandhi said,  “If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”   In the crazy, hectic world we live in, a good sense of humor is no longer an option or an accessory- it’s an essential trait for successful leaders.  Humor can help us be » Read More


Disaster… What Will You Do?


It was the worst case of déjà vu ever.  A massive and fierce tornado bearing down on city of over a million people. We were here as a state, in this same city, only 14 short years ago.  Could this really be happening again? And still the tornado came to Moore, Oklahoma. In the wake » Read More


Simon Cowell – Leadership Guru

Women in Film and Television Awards

Simon Cowell… His name conjures up visions of other great villains in history.  He’s the Darth Vader of music shows, the Hannibal Lecter of aspiring singers.  And I love it. “Why, are you as twisted as he is?” you may ask. Maybe, but the reason I love watching him is not the pain he inflicts, » Read More


Swim Strong or Swim Smart?


I’ve never been caught in a riptide, but I’ve read stories from those who have. It’s terrifying. Swim as hard as you can for the shore, only to see yourself getting farther away with each stroke.   Sometimes as leaders we face similar struggles, wrestling against the tides of public opinion, conflict & other challenges » Read More


Top Quotes On Leadership From Mike Henry


If you’re familiar with LeadChange Group, then you’re familiar with the name Mike Henry.  Mike is more than just the founder of LeadChange Group; for nearly everyone he encounters, Mike becomes a blend of confidant, encourager, sage, & friend.  His vision for Character-based Leadership has ignited that same passion in hundreds of other leaders, and » Read More

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