This Is The Most Important Lesson You Will Learn Today

We've moved through the Information Age at light speed over the last few years, and find ourselves lost in the deep space of the Information Overload Age.

Knowledge from the ancient thinkers, wisdom from our founding fathers and the most current insights from some of the best minds of the world are at our fingertips. A simple Google search turns up hundreds of thousands of answers to the very same question.

In light of so much information, what can we do to keep from being overwhelmed? What should we do? How do we narrow our focus?

Simply put...the most important lesson you will learn today is this...

Learn One Lesson Per Day & Learn It Well

Stop burying yourself in multiple blogs, 3-to-10 books at a time, webinars and online learning courses. You can fill up every second of existence exploring all that is available to you, and still never scratch the surface of all there is to know. But you can learn one thing, one lesson per day. Can't you?

While you're at it - learning that one thing - why not learn it really well? If you are going to the trouble to read, research, understand and apply, then be great at it. Excellence matters so learn one thing today, and do it really well.

How do you make that happen? How do you learn one really awesome thing per day, and make it spectacular at the same time?

  • Set Boundaries - As I said earlier, if you're a normal person with a life, a family, job and other stuff, you have to set some time limits on the amount of study and brain immersion you do each day.
  • Be Choosy - Limiting your time forces you to be choosy about what you spend your time reading or studying. There are tons of good resources. There are much fewer great resources. Choose greatness.
  • Sit Still - If you tend to read, quickly digest and then jump to the next topic you are cheating yourself, and diluting the impact of the information you just read. Take the quiet, focused time to thoughtfully process, evaluate and make plans to implement the things you've read and studied.
  • Activate Soon - If you are reading just to check things off of your list, and yet you never put into action those things you've learned then you're wasting the most precious commodity you have- your time. If it's on your mind to study it, read about it, meditate on it and consider it... then for heaven's sake, put it to work. Take action!

Learn one lesson today...learn it well. Then put it to work.

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