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Founder, Principal Consultant at Achieved Strategies. We help organizations redefine how they create value. And we love to do this by bringing people, strategy, and leadership together. Connect with Shawn at his website, his LeadChange Profile, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The Role of Workplace Optimism in Building Trust


Without trust extraordinary results aren’t possible. Without trust and extraordinary results workplace optimism is absent. Without workplace optimism talented people stay away from or leave companies. What’s left? Mediocre results, missed goals and unhappy people.   Workplace optimism is not a viewpoint or belief system. It’s a cultural vibe that influences a positive work experience. » Read More


People Are Not Units


Your computer is a unit. You have an air conditioning unit. Unit is a measurement with a definite value. Engineers have predictably mapped out how your computer and air conditioning unit works and performs under a variety of conditions. Businesses have a history of attempting to do the same thing to humans. Sparing you an » Read More


Stir Yourself Up . . .


to hear ideas from the Unusual Suspects in your organization Be relentless in your exploration of what you stand for as a leader Move on from peers who blindly build support status quo thinking Investigate with curiosity ways to re-imagine what works Communicate. Connect people to people. Raise your hand to do something that scares » Read More


Leadership Is a Choice


I recently attended a Rypple webinar led by John Baldoni. In it he said, “Leadership is a choice.” It’s a seemingly obvious conclusion. However, there are layers of meaning to John’s statement that proved to me to be quite compelling. Too often we work with leaders who never made the choice. They merely act a » Read More


When People Collide


“We’re always behind this metal and glass. Nobody touches you.” If you saw the move Crash you may recognize this line. The symbolism is piercing: We’re either tough like metal or ready to break with any pressure like glass. This is the fragility in life. People collide. The kicker, though, is in the second sentence » Read More


Leadership on Purpose – Conclusion

torch_lead the way_XSmall

You have tremendous capacity to inspire people to contribute their best.  In yesterday’s Beginning post, I wrote about Values and Life Purpose.  These two core areas of Leadership on Purpose ground you, force you to sit up straight.  They help steer your leadership so that you can more clearly understand the third core areas of » Read More


Leadership on Purpose – Beginning


The reality is forces exist to malign your leadership to mediocrity. Steven Pressfield and Seth Godin call it Resistance. And Resistance is alive in the endless chatter in our heads.  Mediocrity is also what we achieve when we go with what’s popular despite every inch of our soul screaming to go to unexplored, lesser-known paths. » Read More


Lead Change Book Project Summer 2011


These are times to make a raucous noise.  These are times to stand up and proclaim what it is you believe. It is time for us to come together in unison and to offer up better ways that can change the world.  Such a noble goal is part of the inspiration for all of us » Read More


Leadership Oath


This is a popular post at our Achieved Strategies blog. We wanted to share it with all Lead Change readers.  We love to hear your reaction in the comments below. Our doctors take they Hippocratic Oath swearing to ethically treat their patients, and to follow an ideal conduct as a physician.  In a conversation with » Read More


5 Levers to Raise the Importance of the Group

businessman sketching business diagram

“There is a tendency to prize a few standout individuals while ignoring how much they draw on their surrounding systems of support,” wrote HBR journalist Michael J. Mauboussin in October 2009.  His words were pulled from an article advocating the importance of looking at the whole organization instead of individual influences/influencers. His contrarian perspective is » Read More

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