Leadership on Purpose – Conclusion

You have tremendous capacity to inspire people to contribute their best.  In yesterday’s Beginning post, I wrote about Values and Life Purpose.  These two core areas of Leadership on Purpose ground you, force you to sit up straight.  They help steer your leadership so that you can more clearly understand the third core areas of Leadership on Purpose.

Final 2 Core Areas of Leadership on Purpose.

Getting that this world is not about you – Let us not forget that Leadership on Purpose is about helping a team or a company to deliver a product and/or service hitched to it’s vision and mission.  It’s not about the leader’s history, degrees, or even great speeches. These are merely inputs and outputs.  What matters is that people come together and accomplish something. Leaders should not be put on pedestals or idolized. If these are drivers for a leader, it ceases to be about people and becomes leader arrogance. It’s time to demand more from our leaders.  Arrogant leadership has become common.  Idolized leaders are too frequent and overly celebrated.  Let’s get down to the leadership business of enabling people to apply their talents to a problem, project, possibility.  That is the focus of leadership – creating a space to let people apply their talents.

Remember, we need you to unleash your crazy, beautiful, brilliant leadership on those waiting to contribute their talents.  Sync up this triad with the profound understanding that this world is not about you, but about revealing the best in those around you magic happens.

Evolving clarity of your gifts – Your gifts as a leader are not stagnant. Gifts you don’t have today will emerge as you transform your leadership. How you stay in touch with the evolution of your gifts is up to you. It is, however, a vital leadership act.

Your gifts are your talents that ooze out of you. People see them when you use them.  They can move people. They can inspire people. Bottom line: we need leaders to know what their gifts are, what they are becoming, and what they are not.   And we need you to share them. Use them.

Yes, there are forces to malign our leadership to mediocrity.

But such forces are held at bay when you shape your leadership by defining your Values that become central to our actions and decisions.

You remain centered, zany even, when you explore and identify and explore some more your Life Purpose.

And when you lead knowing that your leadership orchestrates people coming together to unleash their talents, you instantly realize what it means that this world is not about you.

But what is about you is knowing, sharing, and evolving your gifts.  These are what help you lead and leave your mark on those in your life. On the world.

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